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What do I do if I'm interested in any of the programs?

Call, email or email our coordinators to discuss what we can do for you. The first step is an introductory interview, this can be done by telephone. The second step is an intake conversation in which we process your application and speak the follow-up steps together. 

Is there a waiting time?

After registration, an intake conversation will follow within 1 week. If you have a positive opinion, you can usually enter the treatment programme in Altea, Spain within 2 weeks. 

Why in Spain?

There are several reasons to go through the program in Spain, rather than in its own environment. In short;

  • Get out of the own environment, making full focus on recovery and peace being created in day and night rhythm. By eliminating stress factors, a better understanding arises for the client in his/her situation.
  • The pleasant climate and many hours of sunshine in one day, have a naturally positive effect on the energy level
  • A collaborative team of professionals who form one integrated treatment program and where all parts from day rhythm to sport and therapy connect 

Is the program suitable for me?

We'll discuss this briefly during the first moment of contact. Next, in an intake interview, we will discuss your personal situation together and indicate how the program can help you. The programme is tailor-made and can therefore be widely used. An important condition is that you can travel and stay independently to Spain. Of course you will be guided during the program and you will be given a contact person. We make sure that the program fits with you as a person and accelerates your individual recovery.

What happens after the end of the program?

During the program we discuss your home situation and vision for the future. Together with your therapist and care coordinator, you prepare your return. You always receive a aftercare advice and a personal aftercare interview in the Netherlands. We also offer coaching packages that you can use in the Netherlands. Depending on your situation, we can contact your employer or a treating doctor or therapist in the Netherlands to make an appropriate plan together for reintegration into your home situation and/or work situation. Anyway, you're not alone!

I am an employer and have an employee with a burnout

We would like to discuss the various possibilities in a personal intake conversation. The care coordinator in the Netherlands comes to you to go through the various programs that may apply to your employee. Do you have multiple employees with burnout symptones or outages? Here too, we can offer a tailor-made solution

I want to avoid burnout in my company

We offer special programs to prevent burnout within your organization. An education program for HR officials and executives and a prevention program for employees who experience a lot of stress, who have previously had a burnout or as a team building for valuable employees you don't want to miss