RE-Set YOUR burnout

Restore your strength, your balance and your future. ReSset offers customized work in the area of ​​burnout with respect for employer and employee.

What makes us unique? A multidisciplinary approach to upcoming or existing problems aimed at a faster recovery.


Do you want to be prepared for the consequences of work stress in your organization? Or have employees already dropped out due to the effects of work stress?


Do you experience complaints due to chronic work stress? Or have you already dropped out at work and are you looking for the right help and guidance?

Independent Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for help and advice on how to deal with stress or do you already experience complaints as a result of work stress or burnout?



Education about recognizing and preventing burnout in the workplace and the importance of an active policy on sustainable employability, as part of the overall corporate culture.



Preventing long-term outages among employees with a high risk and / or symptoms of an approaching burnout aimed at raising awareness and practical tools.


Intensive combination of treatment process for employees who have already dropped out, which shortens the duration of the loss due to burnout and prevents the return of complaints after treatment.

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